• GFP offer good independent advice, their seed is always of good quality whether we buy Certified OSR Seed or Wheat Seed from their seed plant or they send a team to dress seed on the farm with one of their mobiles. The business is a specialist in seed which helps us get the right varieties and advice when planning our cropping.

  • We always get our seed delivered on time and the quality is good, it is important we get the right quality of seed as this is of major importance for the start of our growing crops. We get the latest varieties and advice all of which helps us to try and maximise farm returns, GFP are a business we trust and like working with.

    LG Harrison, Norfolk

  • The team at GFP are both the type of people that want to get it right, they are not in the business of making a quick buck and moving on, they have more of a long term attitude. They want to supply the right product to match an individual requirement, and work hard to do so.
    You know where you stand and it will be delivered when they tell you. GFP understand our farming business needs, and are available for help and advice 24/7. It is a professional and personal business.

    Ben Atkinson