Static Plant and Mobile Seed Dressers

We guarantee that our customers are never short of seed. Based on the unique relationship and commitment we have to our farmers we work until the job is completed no matter how late in the day.

Services offered by the GFP Static Plant and mobile seed dressers are as follows:
Grain conditioning to include

  • De-bugging. Increasing Hagberg. Removing Ergot. Extracting screenings. Colour sorting.

GFP are also fully organically certified.

  • GFP Static Plant

    • One of the most modern Seed Plant in the UK with an unrivalled standard of technology.
    • First major investment by an independent seed business for twenty years plus.
    • Processes 30 tonnes of seed per hour.
    • The Bayer Crop Science Evolution 1000 Applicator is quite simply the best in the world.
    • Cimbria Super Cleaner & Cylinder technology produce seed of the highest quality.
    • End user cleaning of every agricultural commodity.
  • Mobile Seed Dressers

    • Highest standards of machinery including Law Denis Rotarys and Gravity Separators.
    • Batch applicators allow any chemical to be applied.
    • Well established teams of highly trained, fully qualified operators on each machine.
    • We organise each job to minimise the extra involvement required from farmers – taking the stress off our customers.